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Frequency of Consultancy

Employing a full time Quality Manager is often impractical and too expensive for a small company. That’s where we can help. Some companies have existing resource with sufficient understanding and abilities and are able to become independent in a short length of time, while others need more support. That is why we offer a tailored service to match the needs of the client.

Dependent on location and business requirements, QMS Consultancy offer a day rate, based on the frequency of consultancy.

If you have no Quality Management System

QMS Consultancy Ltd can implement a compliant system from scratch within 1 month. The system can be managed by QMS Consultancy going forward, if this is required. Alternatively, full training can be given allowing the existing employees to manage the stand-alone system.


If your Quality Management System is inadequate.

We know what is required to pass an ISO 13485 audits. We can therefore perform a Gap Analysis to identify areas of your QMS that are lacking and can help fill the gaps to ensure you quickly achieve your business or regulatory goals.



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